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 Z Dice's In-Game Moderator Application.

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MaJor NaV
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Nub Poster

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PostSubject: Z Dice's In-Game Moderator Application.   Fri Aug 03, 2012 3:51 pm

Unforgivscape In-game name: Z Dice

Real life name: Dalton White

Information about yourself: I am a very active person/player i am online constanty almost over 10 hours a day
i am very social and helpful i have only playerd on 2 RSPS Unforgivscape An Broken Dreams
i am 15 years of age my birthday is august 21 (18 days) i am very mature
i am a Master Social Engineer.

Job/Hobbies: I Penetrate Web Applications For Testing Weakness.

How long you have played Unforgivscape: 1 year.

Why do you believe you should become an Moderator: I believe i should become a moderator
because i am very mature and great at helping and sorting problems
and such i am very social with the community/players i aim to help the community.

What you expect an Moderator should do/be: A moderator should be watchful and very helpful
and should be able to handle any problems and not abuse there powers, and be useful to the community.

What you will bring to Unforgivscape as an Moderator: I will bring happyness and help to the community
and remind everyone to vote and follow the rules.

What players recommend you for advancement?:
Kokos12 [Donator]
Konradoo [Moderator]

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Nub Poster

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PostSubject: Re: Z Dice's In-Game Moderator Application.   Sun Aug 05, 2012 2:42 am

Z Dice/Z s45 wrote:

Job/Hobbies: I Penetrate Web Applications For Testing Weakness.

Sounds a bit sexual to me.

On-Topic: I've reviewed your application and I ensure you that when the time comes for more Unforgivscape Moderators you may or may not be chosen. At this present time their is not many active players and for Abel to make an outrageous Mod:player ratio would make every new player expect Moderator.

It's a firm No atm due to the reasons stated above but if we were looking for staff you would be a high contender. Keep playing and one day you may just get promoted.
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Z Dice's In-Game Moderator Application.
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