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 Unforgivscape/Combination II Tutorial -How to Play-

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Owner and Server Developer
Owner and Server Developer

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PostSubject: Unforgivscape/Combination II Tutorial -How to Play-   Sun Mar 04, 2012 8:18 am

1.At log in, talk to Combat Instructor he will
level up your combat to the style you would like to be.
Such as master,berserker,tanker or even pure.

For Example:

2.After selecting which combat style you
would like to be, Combat Instructor will then
teleport you to home or shops.

3.Now that you are at home/shops take a minute to
read the command list, the list could help you in
many ways so please read it.

4.Now that you have read our commands,take a look
at ::freeitems, you can use this items for pking
or killing npc's.

5.Now that you have some free items, you will
probably want to make some money, here are some examples
on how to make some quick cash.

Example 1: (Click on Mining skill on your stats to teleport to area)
Get Smithing and Mining levels up so you could make Rune bars.
Rune Bars could make you up to 1M per Inventory.
What you will have to do is buy the rune ores from the shop
at the Mining/Smithing place, smith it to rune bars and re sell them
to the shop, this step will make you 1M per Inventory, 1 Inventory
of Rune bars should take 10-15 seconds to make. Great money making!

Example 2: (King black dragon teleport are in quest tabs)
King Black Dragon, they used to drop Dragon-Fire Shield,
but it has been now replaced with a 45M cash drop instead,
for the fact that Dragon-Fire Shield is now part of the ::freeitem list.
They will also drop Old Coins they look like this:
Old Coins are used on the well located at ::edge using
the Old Coin on the well it will randomly give you
any rare from the game. It could make you rich if you are
lucky enough to receive many good rares from it. Smile

Example 3: (Frost Dragons teleport at home inside bank talk to Brother Tranquility)
Frost Dragons, another way to make great cash, Frost Dragons
drops Frost Dragon Bones, they can be sold at the shop
in the Frost Dragon area (Talk to Jack Frost) the bones could
be sold for 1M each, and the best part of it is that they
also drop Torva, one of the best Armour in game.
Torva its sold to players for 300-500M a set, street price.

The Armour its a rare drop, could take up
1 to 500 Kills to get a torva drop, by the time you reach
500 kills you've made 500M and possibility for torva drops,
could be sold for up to 150M a piece.

There are many other ways to make money, and this are
the best 3 examples that I could give you, to make
a great amount of money. Other ways could be by Skilling.

- How to train a skill -
To train a skill click on your stats tab and then click on
any skill that you would like to train and it will teleport you
next to the shop of the skill you are training.

6. Want to play the lotto!? Could make you some cash..
Or you could lose some. If you want to try talk to
Benny at ::edge he sells Newspapers for 1.5M each.
To play the lotto place the newspaper in your inventory.
Now type ::lotto to play! if you win you will receive
up to 120M!

7. Many players don't see, there is a button of the sign - and +
at the top of the spell book it should look like this:

By clicking on the + sign it will zoom in and the - sign
will zoom out, great for making videos or anything you
would like to use it for, some players likes to zoom in
for pking, to look at the fight from much closer then usually.

8. Loyalty titles, many players like to have a title next to their name.
You can get yours too, there is a list of over 200 Titles that you
can choose from, the list could be found here:
After you have chosen the title you want, post a comment on
the thread with your in-game name and the title you want.
I will later on put the title to your account. After I've
put the title on your account it should then look like this:

9. Did you know you can Operate weapons for the anim?
Put on the weapon you would like to operate, let say
Armadyl Godsword:

After operating Armadyl Godsword:

Try it your self, perhaps use a different Weapon Razz

10. Fire Cape has its own Animation,click on skill cape anime button
for the performance of the great animation of the fire cape,
and remember to wield the fire cape in order to do this animation Smile

11. Donators, if you want to donate all I can take is
rsgp, rs member pins and Paypal cash. I do not accept
Runescape Accounts, I don't play runescape so accounts
are just useless to me, if you don't need your account
what you can do is sell it to a website that buys rs accounts
and donate me the cash for donation. Only reason why I do
accept rsgp and member pins is because I sell them for cash
I use all donations on goods for the server like VPS so that way
we don't have to lag or having the server down.

If you are donating type :: Donators to view the list of things you can do. Here is the list:

The list is a bit bigger, type in game :: Donators to see the rest.
Here is the donator Tab, only donators can use this awesome benefit

Using Donor Tab, you can access the bank anywhere
Unless is the wilderness, you can also access all donator shops
from the tab and teleports to godwars bosses without
having to walk to them. You also have access to view
the list of players that are currently online. If you
have chosen to buy the donator rank you can use
::yelltag to change the title of your yell anytime you

There is a Donor option located in the equipment tab.
Looks like this:

after clicking on it, you will see this: Using this you can teleport to the donator zone,
get full kills for godwars and able to switch your spell book without
using the altars at home.

12. We also have a nice quest tab for you pkers & money makers!
Click on quest tab to view the things you can do, for example:

To pk for fun you can use - The pk sets -
you get 5 different sets of Armour to pk just for fun! Example:

You can also use this sets for killing npcs or anything you wish.

After you have chosen your set, you can now use
-The Pk zones- to teleport to the zone you would
like to go pking, for Example:

If you want to kill bosses use - The Bosses - on quest tabs to view the list.

You can find more bosses at home by talking to
Brother Tranquility and King Gjuki sorvott Iv at ::Home
inside the bank.
Here is the list of bosses when talking to them.

More coming soon..
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Tom Drinky
Forum Developer
Forum Developer

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PostSubject: Re: Unforgivscape/Combination II Tutorial -How to Play-   Mon Mar 05, 2012 1:10 pm

Very interesting I must say, Great guide for the server abel, So many cool benefits Remain there for people who wish to donate Smile


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PostSubject: Re: Unforgivscape/Combination II Tutorial -How to Play-   Tue Mar 06, 2012 9:37 pm

Nice guide,
Love the detail.
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PostSubject: Re: Unforgivscape/Combination II Tutorial -How to Play-   

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Unforgivscape/Combination II Tutorial -How to Play-
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