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 Todays Events for me

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Tom Drinky
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Forum Developer
Tom Drinky

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PostSubject: Todays Events for me   Thu Dec 08, 2011 3:35 pm

Today I have had an interview for a job, The job is where i will be driving fork lift trucks and lifting heavy palets full of groceries and super market goods and loading them at the distrubution depot where they get loaded on to the back of HGV trucks.

I went to sleep at 3 am last night and set my alarm for 9:15 am but i got awoke by my dad at 10:00 am and the interview was at 10:30 so i shot up like a bolt of lightning and got in the shower, after i was ready and looking smart for the interview my dad took me to the interview and then i went inside and before i went inside the man who was doing the interviews was having a ciggy and said "aye you here for the interview ma mate" and i said "yeah i am mate" and he said "yeah just go in there and go upstairs and sit down at a desk with the paper work"

So i went upstairs and sat down and started to do all the forms it was forms asking for information about my bank details for when i get paid so they know where to send my wages to, it asked me for health information such as any allergies etc so i did all that, then there was a section on the form for basic literacy and basic maths, so i was filling that out lol.. "what is 4678 take away 1347" yeah major Facepalm sessions then but i got it worked out in the end along with the other qestions.

Then after i had filled out the information i had a talk with him about the job and things like that and he said have you ever worked in a warehouse before and i said yes i had, then he was telling me the duties i will be undertaking and then he said when you get home send me the numbers of the two last companys you worked for and then i did that and now im waiting for an email back or phone call then i will get the details off him and start my induction training, "i will have to go on a 3 day course to learn how to drive and operate a fork lift truck.

After the interview was over we shook hands then my dad dropped me off at home and he went in to town to get some things, then i was at home chilling on my own listening to guns n roses then i get a phone call off a friend who said "i havent spoken to you all week ill come round in about an hour but ill come on my own"

An hour passed and then he came but he was not alone he was with some other person that i went to school with but he is my age and the friend i was speaking to on the phone is 2 years older than me, Anyway i said yeah come in but stand in the kitchen because it was rainign hard and i wasnt expecting the other person to be here so then 30 mins passed and he was using my comp to play zynga poker and i said "Right lads im going to get ready and start sortin things out now so your gonna have to go" and they were bein bastards saying nah we will go when we hear the door go and then we will know your dads in so then we will go.

Then i said "Right i dont take the fucking piss in this house so your getting the fuck out before i pop the fuck off" then i said right then im phoning the police so i got the phone and pressed 999 and then put it down because i didnt want the police involved in it.

Then one of them said "I dare you to ring the police then because i know you wont so then i put the phone down and they said yeah yeah thought so" then i was so pissed off i flipped i went in to the other room got my drink and downed a full pint of water in one and slammed my cup down and said "Get the fuck out of this house now!" and i grabbed the original friend (the one who said he would be on his own) and he said get off me now andi didnt get off so he headbutted me and then i flipped and started pushing him towards the back door and then once we were in the kitchen i started swinging punches at him everywhere i hit him in the face, the back of the head, i even hit the back door when i swung and it missed him then he got my arms and started throwing punches at me and he hit me i nthe face about 4 times and the bin fell over and then i got another punch in and then it stopped because of exhaustion.

I said "you didnt fucking think i would do that did you, you think im a fucking soft touch but no when i get pushed to the limit thats it i flip its like anyone if they get pushed to the limit they just flip one day, you dont come in this fucking house saying you want a bacon sandwich or an omlette because thats cheeky" then i went outside for a smoke and they were both shocked that i had done that because they were not expecting it.

After it had happend i saw the pack of bacon on the floor and put it in the fridge,the bacon is from where he had tried to put it in the oven so i grabbed it off him and swung a punch at him and thats when this all started off.

the other one was just standing there amazed at what i had done and the other one said yeah but why did you do that? that was fucking crazy you were swinging punches everywhere and you even hit the door hard and i said "because you wouldnt get out?" then after me and the friend that had a bust up were talking about what had happend and i said well it happend because i flipped i was pissed off and thats what happens when someone gets pushed over the limit then we were just acting normal again and then he was like "well im going home now because my gf is going to be at myne soon so im off now bye" and the other one went also.

The moral of my story is to not be scared and backed in a corner no matter how scared you may feel or uneasy you may feel or nervous just go for it, give them everything you got and dont show them that your a soft touch because the more you show them that the more they will keep doing things to you, so just flip out and show them your no fucking easy touch.

Keep safe kids... peace out.


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j a z z y
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Nub Poster
j a z z y

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PostSubject: Re: Todays Events for me   Thu Dec 08, 2011 4:11 pm

hope your alright xD, show them whos boss..

hope you get accepted.
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Todays Events for me
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